Deep Sea Fishing

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Considered one of the great adventure sports, deep sea fishing is a stark contrast to the more idyllic image of fishermen calmly awaiting a nibble while sitting in a simple wooden boat on a still lake. Deep sea fishing instead involves traveling beyond the wave barrier to the deeper ocean waters for the chance to catch larger aquatic game, such as tuna, dorado, marlin, or even sharks. In addition to requiring greater physical endurance, deep sea fishing requires a different mindset from mainland fishing.

During your trip to Oahu, this may appeal to you as a chance to escape the boundaries of land terrain, explore a new sport, and enjoy the rise and fall of the ocean’s surface. Several deep sea fishing operators lead tours from the Island of Oahu, including:

1. Maggie Joe: Maggie Joe offers full day, ¾ day, and half day tours departing from Ala Moana Boulevard Slip K. All gear and tackle are included, though guests are encouraged to provide their own drinks and snacks. In advance of setting sail, fishing enthusiasts are briefed on basic safety protocol and other key expectations to have during the expedition.

2. Boom Boom Sportsfishing: Based in Waianae Boat Harbor just fifteen minutes from Ko Olina, Boom Boom Sportsfishing expeditions travel to coastal ledges up to seven miles in depth, providing visitors access to some of the deepest fishing in Hawaii. Several fishing methods are used during trips, including live baiting, trolling, and surface jigging, and both private and shared charters are available for four to ten hours.

3. Kuuloa Kai Hawaii: Departing from Haleiwa in northern Oahu, Kuuloa Kai Hawaii leads several deep sea fishing tours, including basic charter fishing, marlin fishing, and yellowfin tuna fishing tours. Each is designed to provide guests a focused opportunity to challenge some of the biggest ocean game, and the professional, experienced staff share tips and tricks during the process. Full day and half day tours are available for one to six fishing enthusiasts.

4. Aikane Sportfishing: The term aikane means “friendly”, perhaps a reflection of the atmosphere created by the staff of Aikane Sportfishing. Tours are designed to accommodate beginners and experienced fishermen alike, and participants can keep what they catch. Tours can be either deep sea fishing charters or shallow water bottom fishing excursions depending on your interests.

Regardless of your previous experience, there is a deep sea fishing excursion for you to enjoy during your stay in Oahu. If you want to escape the mainland and spend some time on the reflective waters, take advantage of one of these opportunities during your vacation, learn a new skill or practice an old one, and have an unforgettable day on the water.

Source by Andre Denis